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ADS-B feeder location

My Piaware and me are located on airport 58T, the nearest airport I can find on piaware is KLUD, any way that I can force or type in my airport.


I am sure there is a way to type in your airport.

I have filed a case on your behalf (45628). Some one will answer your question shortly.

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According to other posts I’ve seen in these forums from staff members, they’re only making use of internationally recognized airport codes that begin with the letter ‘K’ in their four-letter code.

I find this to be annoying as there are plenty of airports out in the middle of nowhere that are hosting data feeds, but track logs make it appear that the data they’ve reported came from the closest large airport that may be 30, 40 or 80 (or more) miles away.

There does appear to be an occasional exception to this, though… A few weeks ago, I found an airport code in a track log that comes back to a small airport in central Florida. I’d have to look around again to find the exact code, but it wasn’t a Kxxx airport and had two numbers in the code (90?).

Will look for it later this evening.


I could see not using private airports, however we are public, but then the identifiers are all in the “database”.

From what I can tell I Am the station on the NW corner of DFW, it’s a small price to pay for happy feeders.
I was thinking of filling in a huge gap in west Texas with a second station…

I may be wrong about this, and someone will correct me if so, but I don’t think the airport Piaware thinks your are nearest affects the quality of the location data feed. I think what matters is the accuracy of the -lat, -lon parameters for dump1090 et al. So if you want to feed from Waste Texas, go for it. As ever YMMV :slight_smile:

I provide Lat/Lon coordinates to Dump1090 within the startup syntax, but that doesn’t affect FlightAware. FlightAware labels your data in track logs based on whatever airport code you give them on your ADS-B settings page. None of this has an affect on the data being sent to them or what they do with it.

That being said, there are plenty of folks that would like to see their closest actual airport listed as the location of their feed. If I setup a feed at M54, it would be nice to see position reports in track logs that actually indicate they’re coming from that airport as opposed to KBNA, which is 25 miles west of M54.


My preference would be O61 - Cameron Park. I guess we will have to convince FA that it is in their interest to add some/all of the codes to their database or get the ICAO to recognize them. Which do you suppose would be easier or more likely? :wink: