Admins - Link behaviour

Admins…when I click a link on the site - more often than not I open the new site in the same window. Can you change this so that a clicked link opens in a new tab?

This is something that many people have requested for years yet it has not been implemented. This is the ONLY forum I use that does not have the link open in a new window or tab yet the forum software supports it.

In the meantime, the workaround is to ctrl-click on the link.

If we set it to open in a new tab, the end user has no ability to override that and open it in the same window if they wish.

With it set to open in the same window, the end user can choose to open it in a new tab if they prefer with ctrl+click or the middle mouse button.

My feeling is that the VAST majority of people would rather have the link open in a new window, like it’s done on the VAST majority of forums on the Internet.

Why don’t you try an experiment for a week or two and let the users of the forum decide which they like better?

Middle mouse button - LOL…for those of us with HP Pro laptops and some IBMs…few and further in between.

Yes, I know about the middle mouse. But, as I said (and you didn’t quote me on this) in my posting was:

Why don’t you try an experiment for a week or two and let the users of the forum decide which they like better?

All I’m asking for is a short term experiment to see what the users of this forum really want.

I agree

We have no way of measuring the result, same window vs new tab vs new window is not reported back to us. Even if the majority choose new tab, the same window crowd would have no option if we forced new tab.

Or most physical mice.

Your forum has a survey feature.

So, what you ware saying is if the MAJORITY (more than half) of your customers want links to open in a new window then the MINORITY (less than half) would get their way. I guess that the American way - let the minority rule what the majority wants.

For the life of me I can’t understand why someone would want the link to open in the same window.

Computer Basics for Dummies 101: RIGHT click a link and you get an ENTIRE MENU of what you want to do with it.

Yes, Yes, Yes! I Know That!

Wouldn’t it be great, though, if the FINAL user of this site (or any other site) would be given the option to make an link open in a new window/tab? Advantages: 1 click instead of 2; easy return to the original posting, many other advantages.

And while you are at it, could you impliment a pre-cognitive filter to determine if the user wants a new window or not- before he/she knows him/her self?