Admin question: CJ2 Performance data in Flight planning

I posted this elsewhere and did not get a repy:

When I set up “my aircraft” and choose the CJ2, the climb and cruise data look identical to the CJ2+ data. According to Cessna marketing materials there is a material difference in the climb performance as well a cruise etc.
Is the data here correct or are they so close that is just does not matter?

We had two C25A data sets, one identified as CJ2 and one as CJ2+. Both were in fact CJ2+, so I’ve removed the one identified as CJ2.

Having flown both airplanes, it’s not that big of a difference in the grand scheme of things…operationally speaking. The few extra knot cruise is there but negligible overall. Now the FADEC of the “+” is nice in the climb… :wink: YMMV.