Added filter. Gained flights on FR24, dropped on flightaware

I would be happy to replace or refund your SDR if you are unhappy. Please contact us as, mention me and I will expedite your request.

Yes, the Pro Stick v2.0 will work on a Pi 3. Again, I’m hesitant to give out details until we’ve finalized the design.


No need for a refund - I bought them my self. Hoped for improvement, which was not there… Not really your fault… Really appreciated though, thats customer service!

I could live with the huge size, if the performance was better. But really, it isn’t better then the green Airnav stick.

I understand that you can’t tell to much about a “beta” product… Looking forward to see the new one, and try it. :slight_smile:

Where do you get the information from that the FA stick should perform significantly better?
Similar hardware will always deliver similar results, and that’s the case here.

Very True! :+1:

Please see below my two posts from Feb 2019, which show both sticks perform nearly equal:


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A forum somewhere, don’t remember where. But they were like get the blue one… When i ordered they were out of stock, which was why i choose the green ones.

Haven’t seen those before i ordered.

I’ve seen this also a lot. Most of them are just like others who read it somewhere that the blue one is better, but at the end nobody really had an evidence. As far as i know the first ones delivered by Airnav were showing a poor performance, but they are improved now.

If i have to choose now and the blue is not in stock, i would go with the Airnav stick unless i am not choosing something completely different (e.g. Airspy).

But if you do not need to squeeze the last few % out of your system, both are working well.

After some days with both, i’ll stick (no pun intended) with the Airnav sticks… The FA ones are same performance, but way to bulky, and they’re just as warm as the other in my setup.

Temperature is currently also a thing for me. My device including the stick is outdoor and with 37°C and lots of traffic the stick is getting pretty warm. I’ve disconnected it from the Raspberry directly and used a USB extension cable to avoid that the heat is circling between the two devices.

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