Add wilcarding to the IFR Route Analyzer


Rather than trying to find route statistics by guessing at the possible starting or ending locations it would be helpful to have the ability to put * in either location to see all routes with the other location specified. Another option might be to broaden the search to a corridor of a certain width between the pair specified. I would hop up and down if I could do this! :laughing:


Will you post a video of you doing this?


If it gets implemented absolutely. I might even do a video! :blush:


Would you do it in a chicken suit with fishnet stockings?


You are a sick, sick man…


I might but you’d probably need to be heavily medicated afterwards or have your retinas replaced :laughing:


The voices keep telling me more and more about how I’m getting better.

Still I can’t resist visiting once in a while!

I’m thinkin’ I’d probably take my meds first.