Add an Airport

I noticed a flight that flew to MBAC… but there’s no name there, and no page to track the flights… I wouldn’t know how many intl flights actually go there because I’m sure not all of them stop at MBPV, that one just happened to, so I was wondering if a page could be made for the airport?

It’s MBAC, On Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands, Runway is 5700x100 ft, ummm, I think they were going to name it after a local businessman/partner in the company but for now it’s Ambergris Cay Airport.

More info here

Got an identifier for “Genetopia”???

What’s the lat/long?, Page 3. Flight Aware won’t let me post the message with the co-ordinates…the debug error thing comes up, normally happens when there’s too much punctuations…