Add additional flags - Mut v1.15

I want to track a specific aircraft as it travels in, out and through my coverage area. This aircraft is N607AS/a7e151. In the flag.js file, I have split the United States line into three separate lines. The first line includes the first part of the US ICAO codes up to a7e150. The second US line is ICAO code from a7e151 to a7e151. The final US line is a7e152 to the end of the US ICAO codes. I have also changed the display name of the country of registration to display the name of the aircraft. In the flags-tiny folder, i have added an additional file to display in the place of the US flag.

How do I get Dump1090 to recognize the changes? There has been no change in the way the information is displayed. Everything still looks like the original configuration. What are the next steps I need to take?

Thank you!

Your description of your changes sounds OK. It might be as simple as forcing a reload on your browser so it picks up the new copy of flags.js?

I have reloaded the browser and even rebooted the RPi. Still shows as the original settings. Am I working with the correct files in /git/dump1090/public_html?

Have you placed your modified file in /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html ?

Ahh, there it is. Thank you. It is working now.

Great! I replaced the erroneous underscore with a correct hyphen. (They look so much alike :slight_smile: )