Add a/c bearing and elevation angle to map table columns?

Since I do drive around a bit and attempt to run PiAware, I’d like to know what it would take to have selectable columns for bearing (the azimuthal angle from my location to the target a/c) and elevation (in degrees from horizon at my location). Even with the fixed receiver at the house, with my view to the south and west, it’d be wonderful to know that I should be looking at 290 deg true and 2 deg elevation to spot the target a/c. Would allow me a far better chance to acquire a plane in the binocs or camera before it finally becomes obvious.

Any thoughts?

Cheers - Jon

Hi @JonAdams you are not the first to desire an elevation angle!
I’ve wanted the elevation angle for some time and I’ve found it very useful in practice.

In fact, some time ago I requested it as an idea and @eric1tran (FlightAware Staff) was going to look into my requested feature.

I had hacked together some changes to the code for my own use, (see other thread ) but it did rely on the location elevation being hard-coded. I then shared what I did via Google Sites for those that are comfortable editing script.

Anyway, since then I evolved the code to allow the elevation to be configured rather than hard coded.
The value is required so that an accurate calculation of the difference in height between aircraft and one’s current locaton which is the basis for the elevation angle.


However, in practice the value entered need not be too accurate because generally the height ASL of the site is a small proportion of the height of many aircraft.
Obviously this becomes more significant when aircraft are near or on the ground, so best to put the right value in if it is known!

Sadly my documentation on the Google Site is lagging behind the code implementation but I will endevour to add the extra bell & whistle that handles the storing of the site elevation in local storage in due course and publicise again.

Greetings @hphillip - great minds think alike! :smiley:

It would be very handy to have this feature. Perhaps your efforts and my similar desire can move this forward.

Cheers - Jon N7UV