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Actual time of takeoff and landing

What is the difference between the times posted for pushback at the gate and takeoff - why are they the same time? Aren’t pushback and takeoff different?

And when a plane arrives - the difference between landing and gate arrival? Why are they the same time? Shouldn’t landing on the runway and then arrival at the gate be different?

Thanks. Very confusing.

At some airports (e.g. ELP and LAX) the end of the runway is fairly close to the gate so there’s not much time difference. In most cases there is several to many minutes’ difference between gate time and takeoff time.

Can you give examples? If you are referring to the times shown in an airline’s schedule then you will always see gate times.

Here is the example that prompted my question. Thanks.

Flight ✈ VOZ1 ✈ 05-Oct-2013 ✈ YSSY / SYD - KLAX

                                Scheduled	         Estimated	        Actual	        7-day Average

Pushback (Gate 51) 01:40PM EST 01:44PM EST 01:20PM EST N/A
Takeoff from YSSY 01:40PM EST 01:40PM EST 01:20PM EST 01:30PM EST
Landing at KLAX 10:10AM PDT 09:56AM PDT 10:01AM PDT 10:42AM PDT
Gate Arrival (Terminal B) 10:30AM PDT 10:00AM PDT 10:01AM PDT N/A

Non-USA flight. I wouldn’t relay on the averages for those. In fact, I don’t relay on the averages for domestic flights either.