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Active Flights Say They Landed Days Ago

I have noticed that some of the smaller aircraft I click on and one AirForce flight today (BRADY12) that my PiAware is picking up says that they landed days / hours ago and are not actively flying? Is this because they don’t have a set flight plan and are just out and about? I am still new so bear with me.

This happens very often for flights which do not have regular schedules (mainly military or private aircraft), sometimes FA also states “no information found” for a specific registration.

I stopped caring about that “bug” and try to find the information about the aircraft somewhere else.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me!

We tracked BRADY12 on February 14. Please make sure that you have enabled the “position-only flights” feature in your FlightAware.com account settings (and you are logged-in).

Thank you! Position only flights were disabled.