Active Airports/Active Aircraft


In the Profile section, I see that we have the ability to enter up to 3 active airports and also active tail numbers. What does that actually do for us? I haven’t seen anything since then that I associate with the entry.

Also, yesterday I was able to find the aircraft that a local sports team charters to take the team to road games. I entered that as an active tail number on my profile. Does that open any windows when a new flight plan is filed for the aircraft?

It occurs to me that other users who are sports fans might like to follow that plane. Is there any section that users can list “special” planes for others to be able to follow? Could it be a new forums area? Is it even appropriate to post information like that?

I’d like to post this tail number somewhere, but if you tell me I shouldn’t, then I won’t.


If you click the My FlightAware link on the upper right of any page (while you’re logged in), you get the current, recent, and future status of “My Aircraft.” The “My Airports” feature is not public yet, but in the development version of FlightAware, we currently have weather information (VFR, MVFR, IFR, or LIFR) and recent activity information.

I think this sounds interesting. In lieu of a better place, I’ve created a new forum called Notable Activity where welcome to post this information and hopefully others will contribute other interesting activity.


Great site I love it. I would like to see on the airport activity search to have scheduled arrivals also. :laughing: