Accuracy of track log?


A local airport (ONT) provides live tracking of regional aircraft. I have compared their positional tracking information with information from the track logs found here and find discrepencies of up to 1/4 mile. What is the margin of error for positions listed in the track log?



Which ON airport does live tracking? If I may ask.


A degree of latitude is about 69 miles and the positions we receive only go out to two places past the decimal point, so the error is +/- 0.35 miles for latitude and slightly less for longitude.

lancasterperch: I think he means [KONT/ONT]. They offer live tracking here, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me at the moment.


Thank you, it makes sense now. Yes, it’s an Ontario CA flight monitor program and it’s very finicky. Wish flightaware would permit one more level of zoom for departure tracks.

MAJOR air traffic out of March Air Base tonight, seems to have disrupted DHL operations.