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Account status and scheduled downtime

Hello all! I tried the FAQ and searching forums, if I’ve missed the answer please forgive me and direct me!
I am having roof work done in a few weeks, and will need to take down the antenna, mast, cabling, etc. for a period of time. And what with this current pandemic I am not sure on scheduling as to when I can reassemble my installation.
Can I put my account on ‘pause’ or maintenance or some similar status? I might try to rig up a temporary antenna solution (read: something dangling out a window) so I can at least feed in a few hits a day. But what do users typically do if they’re going to be off the air for a couple weeks?
Thanks for any suggestions! wishing CAVOK to all of you :slight_smile:

The latest newsletter from today say that you can be off for 30 days without impact.


As a result of the reduced air traffic you may get emails from FlightAware if your receiver does not track aircraft during a given period. You can change that timeframe by going to your “My ADS-B” page on FlightAware.com and clicking the grey gear icon on the right side of the page. Change the “Outage Emails” setting and click “Save”. You will continue to get your enterprise user benefits so long as your ADS-B device tracks aircraft within a 30 day period.

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:man_facepalming: thank you, foxhunter! I saw there was a new email today and I should have read it.

I have a spare Pi and receiver that i take when i am travelling.

When not travelling it sits on a window ledge inside with a simple antenna and running off a Samsung 2 amp phone charger.

There are enough planes still flying around to ensure that at least some are heard and forwarded on to Flightaware to keep my streak alive. About 850 days so far.

It does not take much to keep your account and streak intact but it is worth the effort.


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