Access to all my photos while logged in

I’ve noticed that when I am logged in I don’t have access to review all the photos that I have uploaded. Am I just not aware of how to do this? If that is the case then what am I missing? I have to log out and go to an N number that I know I have uploaded to get to the path to all my pictures. I’m willing to accept the fact that I may not be using the system properly but it would sure be nice to be able to access all my photos and also keep a tally of how many I’ve posted and so forth. What’s up…I’m ready for the tomatoes to fly!

You can search by user on the photos section:

…or on your profile;

Thanks I knew I was missing something.
Both those URLs work when I click on them but I don’t see where the user stone is in the path here:
is it available on My Flightaware page or where?

User pages are linked to from your profile page.

and from your photos

Okay I feel a little better now.
How do I delete a picture I have uploaded? I have posted one that was uploading when we had a power surge and got an incomplete upload. I would like to fix that. N2570R

Looks like the incomplete photo has already been deleted. Go ahead and upload it again.

YOu guys are awesome!