ABQ to RDU nonstop?


Are there ANY airlines out there that offer this flight (ABQ-RDU nonstop)?
I am new to the forum, so my apologies in advance if this is not the right place to ask this question. I stumbled across this website when trying to find a direct flight between these two airports and thought someone here might know…
Any help would be appreciated.


Hey, Welcome! Im fairly new also. Yes this would be the correct place to post. I say the best way to find the answer to your questions is to use like a vaction seach engine like www.travelocity.com. You may also check the routes of the different airlines that fly in and out of those two airports.

This is what I found:

I couldn’t get a result off the flight search on this site. flightaware.com/live/findflight_ … nation=rdu

I searched cheap tickets and travelocity but I could not come up with an non-stop flight. Looks like you will have to change planes. Once again welcome to the forums!



You can find all the non-stop destinations from ABQ by looking at that airport’s web site. RDU is not shown as a non-stop destination for any airline there.


Great suggestions. Thanks so much for the info!