About the dump-1090 web interface design


I’m a web designer and I read this topic post156891.html#p156859 . I like how ModeSMixer2 looks, but when and looked up for the source code I noticed that there isn’t any code, so, I’m not able to modify it to get a better interface.

BTW, I prefer dump-1090 because the community, but it´s a bit ugly. I can work in a new design, but I’m new on this and I’m lost.

Any API reference for the dump-1090 that I can use to show all the airplanes info meanwhile I’m work on the interface? Maybe something like the Wordpress Codex. Or any guide?

I can work in a new interface. I’d like to work on something similar to modesmixer2, with the panel, airplanes info list, arrows, etc :slight_smile:


github.com/mutability/dump1090/ … ME-json.md may be a good starting point.

Thanks, I’m reading now.

I’ll work on this, and I’m going to share with the community when I get a sample :slight_smile: