abnormal delay from actual position

Just tracking QFA108(JFK-LAX) and noticed a 10 minute delay from actual position(had visual on aircraft overhead) on Firefox browser When I switched to Internet Explorer, the delay was even worse at 13 minutes. FAQs say .5 to 5 minutes.

Same thing is happening on the iPod Touch app. I tracked an aircraft and it jumped from 6 mins away to an immediate landing upon updating. The flight path on the application wasn’t even completed either.

Also, I’m new here and am still getting used to aviation vocabulary and codes etc. so please pardon my ignorance on certain topics. :confused:

Having same problem this evening tracking UAL34: It normally is 1:50 from IAH to the DAY area. This tracked acft has been in SW Indiana for 30 minutes and it’s been 2:20 since departure. Flightaware is getting to be very unreliable.

Ref UAL34: flight is running at least 30 minutes behind where it should be. When I just checked last update, new position was behind rather than ahead of previous position. What gives?

When tracking Lifeguard aircraft I’d like to have it to the minute - preferably to the second. I’m not getting THAT bad of a delay, but I am still having a 6 min or so delay with the flight path showing up on radar. Also, when landing, flightaware notifies me, but the flight path of the aircraft on radar stops at last updated position - it doesn’t show the plane landed, it looks more like the plane crashed.

Same with the mobile app - but that’s a different thread. I have a few ideas for updating that too.

Thanks for reporting this, we’ve been able to reproduce and debug it, should be fixed early next week.

No problem - Thanks for looking into the problem. :smiley:

We believe this issue to be fixed. Please let us know if a plane shows up far behind its real position.

I’ve got a LifeGuard aircraft taking off in approximately 8 minutes - I’ll be watching on the website and mobile app to compare positions

Actual takeoff time: 18:37 PDT
Updated at 18:43 PDT

6 minute delay - less than the normal delay - but by one minute… is a 6 minute delay normal for aircraft or is it related to the problem?

This problem was more evident when a flight was taking a very straight path across the US. It would occasionally be behind by a great distance, sometimes even in the wrong state.

The aircraft I am tracking are in the Navajo Nation (AZ, NM) area - in this case flying from Albuquerque NM to Window Rock AZ - normally a delay of 5 to 6 minutes. They normally fly the direct path if that makes any difference. Now I’m just curious as to what’s causing the delay…

Also thanks for the help - I’m still pretty new to this site, so I am getting used to how things run.

Normally there is a 6 minute delay upon landing - this time there was only a 2 minute delay - AND the flight path was actually completed on the radar.

There is still a 6 minute delay on the flights I’m tracking - short Life Guard flights but still a 6 minute delay noticed most during take off and landing.

The delay depends on location, operator, and aircraft type; it can be as little as a few seconds or as much as 30 minutes in some distant regions of the globe. In the US it’s typically 5 minutes.