Ability to download complete path of flight after landing

I like to geotag (embed geographical information) in my pictures.

Some airlines forbid use of GPS equipment during flight, and even when it’s allowed it’s cumbersome (need to handle camera and GPS) and depletes batteries, etc. It would be very desireable to be able to download the complete exact path of the flight. Obviously FlightAware has this data and making it available would be almost trivial…

Bernard Higonnet

Click the “track log” button on the status line to view a minute-by-minute history of the flight position/altitude/airspeed.

Sounds lame I know, but I did try that for a flight that didn’t have it for some reason…

Thanks for the reply.

Now all I need is the same infor for non-US flights!

The track log should cover what the map covers, but there are bugs sometimes.