Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields

FYI on vanished or abandoned airfields and little-known airfields with unusual histories.



Very interesting site!

Funny that I noticed the background wallpaper and recognized the airplane right off. I can’t imagine how many abandoned A-4s there must be in the country, but I immediately recognized this one as the A-4 at Camp Davis near Holly Ridge, NC.

I learned to fly in Wilmington, NC and landed at Camp Davis many times. Although it was “closed” the Marines only occasionallly used it for training and it was a great place to make a quick “necessary” stop when you didn’t feel like going back to Wilmington. At least until the CH-47s come in for practice… The A-4 wasn’t there then.

It’s interesting to note that the A-4 showed up at Camp Davis in the mid-late 90’s. It was apparently airlifted in for airfield training. Walking around it there are .223 casings everywhere.

I remember visiting an old abandoned airfield, not in the US, but in Grenada I believe. It had two old Soviet planes rotting on what used to be the tarmac, and some cows wandering around. It was a beautiful old strip, with one end of the runway pointed towards the island, and the other extending all the way to the ocean. On this satellite image, you can just make out the runway on the northeastern shore of the island.

Check out this cool site for lost airports in Washington State.



Joint Civilian/Military (Joint-Use) Airports

The FAA works with military departments on the joint-use of existing military airports when a civil sponsor wants to use the military airfield.
Joint-Use Military Airfields as of March 6, 2002

faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/ … sect=joint



The Hampshire Airfields site provides a page on each Hampshire airfield , past or present, showing runway layout, position, height ASL and a brief history.

Paul Freeman is still seeking our assistance in finding information on vanished or abandoned airfields & their unusual histories. :slight_smile:

So far, Paul and supporters have compiled descriptions & images of 1,383 airfields in all 50 states.
Small privately owned FBO’s are hard to operate and disappearing fast, especially in prime urban areas. Here today, gone forever.

It’s great to see the super link and others. I live close to many closed airfields. And it’s nice to see them online and be able to drive by and see different structures still there. I live in Highland Park ,Il. close to Ft. Sheridan. Close to Sky Harbor and Glenview Naval Air Station.