AAL18 - 9 hour transcon?


flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL1 … 72013/KIAD

At 5:19am EST I got a FlightAlert for an AA 762 heading from “SAC172013” to KIAD.

I received another FlightAlert approx. 9 hours later indicating it had landed at KIAD.

The flight normally flies KSFO-KJFK at a different time of day.

  • What is SAC172013?

  • Why 9 hours instead of a more typical 4.5?

  • If this is a diversion, why was it known 9 hours in advance?

  • If this is a diversion, why isn’t it shown that way on the tracking history?

  • The history says “result unknown” but I got an alert saying it had landed.





When you look at the link you posted, it looks like it landed at JFK, not IAD… strange.


SAC172013 is the Sacramento VOR on a 172 degree radial at 13 nautical miles.

Looks like two aircraft in the air at the same time with the same identification.

We’ll look into the underlying issues.


AA18 was a “ground interrupt”. It left the gate, but before takeoff, crew got a low oil quantity light, so it went back to gate to get oil serviced on both engines. Scheduled departure=2315, actual departure= 0001.
Scheduled arrival = 0740, actual=0832. Gate to gate time=5 hours 31 minutes.