AAL flight Miami-Miami

Anyone know why?

This was the explanation from an AA person on another board:

At level-off at cruise altitude they got a “low press” light on one hydraulic system followed by a “hi temp” light. Secured the pump, returned and landed. Maintenance replaced the engine driven hydraulic pump last night. Not an issue directly related to the age of the A300’s or the type of plane. Could have happened to anyone… at any time.

Passengers put on another A300 and continued on their way.

I was thinking the captain forgot his swim suit.

I can say that the handlers and the guy that works in the tower at MDPC are VERY corrupt. got screwed there last month.
But its the coolest airport I’ve been to. The entire building is an open air grass hut the size of a shopping mall, with ceilings about 50’ tall. it’s impressive.

thanks 4 clarifying but it seems like there’s more