A380 Steep take- off at Paris Air Show June 2007




Lets see him try that with full Fuel and all the seats with butts in them…


Some of the comments below the vid are rather…well, judge for yourself. :laughing:


Looks like the 757s coming out of KSNA (John Wayne- Orange County). Something like a 25 degree pitch angle. Then again, it’s kinda like EVERY takeoff in a Lear 60!


Until you get into the 40’s and the wing poops out on ya… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the Beechjet kinda did the same thing. Took it to 450 once. Once. ATC requested it, charts said we could do it, but we just kinda plowed along at .70 and after about 15 minutes we went back down. Only time I ever saw the thing unable to put it on the barber pole.


The earlier Diamond/Beech"junk" drove me nuts with its dutch roll…even in the high 30’s. The damn airframe is a tank though…


Yep, except they didn’t reduce power at the top of the climb.