A380 "rebooted"


I don’t fly often, so please excuse any incorrect terminology…

BA 269 (LHR-LAX) was delayed for 3 hours on Saturday 5 April 2014 due to mechanical issues. The captain, at one point, reported that the aircraft had to be (and these were his words) “rebooted” - everything was turned off, then back on. He then reported that they could not get the water tanks filled, and a faulty valve was discovered, which meant they had to empty the baggage compartment and have a mechanic close off the valve. The water tanks were filled, the baggage reloaded, and we departed.

As a database administrator, I was intrigued by the captain’s description of the aircraft being “rebooted”…which I often have to have done with database servers…


Lots 'o software on that beast. I’ve had a few flights on newer aircraft that had to have a reboot or power down to cooperate. Most recent was a fueling issue. Plane “thought” it was full and it wasn’t. Powered down, reset and it was good to go. Rumor has it that initially you couldn’t set the parking brake after you started to taxi with the first batch of E190’s. If you did something in the system thought you had suddenly arrived at your destination.