A380 coming to KBDL


On October 2nd, 2007, A380 is visiting Windsor Locks (Hartford / Springfield) - Bradley International (BDL / KBDL)
info: aviation.com/business/070814 … otour.html


Why BDL? They don’t even have overseas international flights, other than diversions when NYC airports go down. Maybe that’s the reason?


The engines are Pratt & Whitney and they are based in Hartford, CT. :slight_smile:


The trip will stop at KBDL for Pratt and KCVG for GE-Avation, since they partnered for the GP7200 engine.


actually u are wrong they do have an overseas flight…nwa from bdl to ams(amsterdam).


and flights to Canada…I think!


BDL to CVG should get the TIGRR1 approach right over my house. I feel a sick day comming on…


It would be nice if they use RWY 06 on approach. I’ll be taking pictures.


NW flies a daily direct AMS flight from BDL


I’m assuming a 24 approach, but it will be a 6/24 landing


Second time, thank you. I was wrong. :unamused:

My point at the time still holds true. With ONE frickin flight, it’s hardly a major international overseas airport that would normally see the A380.
Now that I know the actual reason it makes sence.


depends on the wind for approach - given how warm it has been I’d be on a 24 approach - go park the car under the approach on the airport access road - personally, I’ll fly in - I will not be treated like a criminal if I arrive in an airplane.

There is one ‘frickin’ flight to AMS - but there are several sked to Toronto, Montreal, and other points in Canada. Together with scheduled weekly charter service to points in the Caribbean.


Does anyone think the A380 will ever fly into MIA once it goes into service? I guess I would have to look at who has orders for them and who flies in and out of MIA, but don’t have time right now!


anyone know from whence it comes? It sounds like it’ll be coming over straight from Europe which means we should be able to get flight plan info on it a couple hours before it lands - I’ll be there to see if I can spot the arrival.


It landed about 8.10am. Huge. Looks good flying - ungainly on the ground.

Did not show up on BDL arrivals page.

Did not show up when searching for A380 - it is obviously blocked.

It’s sitting at the hangars on the pad to the SW of Signature.

The aluminum overcast replaced by the plastic overcast. . . .


My picture at 8:21AM… :arrow_right:


how loud is the A380 on approach? i imagine it to be relatively quiet as a next gen aircraft.


It was very quiet.


Great pic Delyan. Shame the weather was overcast. I had thought about going up there today, but decided against it. I couldve gone to work the table at the AOPA convention in Hartford this week for my old work. (Flying W airport).
Do you have any other pics?


I’m going to have to head out to SFO when it comes here!

James, I take it you are not in 160 this week since it’s in Charleston.