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A320 has 757 gear?

airliners.net/photo/Air-Indi … 52e4d885fc

Can some one explain this to me?

Airbus and Boeing are 2 separate companies so how did a A320 get 757 landing gear?

While it does indeed have dual bogey gear similar to a 757, I highly doubt it is actually 757 landing gear.

It’s a dual bogey A320 gear. I think AI was the only customer, they wanted it for gravel fields or low pavement loading runways.

GOOGLE… 'k?? Try it sometime… you may find some really neat stuff like this…

airbus.com/fileadmin/media_g … un2012.pdf

So what if it does? Everybody and their mother has to copy the good old USA!, Goes way back, even the TU-144 copied the B-58s main bogeys :unamused:
“It’s a mad house”!!!