A320 Crosswind Abort / Go Around (Awesome)



Talk about being in the right place at the right time once again. Unbelievable.

I’m just not feeling it.

What’s to feel? It’s always fun to see something like this happen. It happens quite frequently but not everyone gets to see it for themselves. You definitely have to be in the right place at the right time.

I didn’t even watch it…

Seriously. When are you going to admit that you are A) actually mcpcshowcaseHD and realize that you have been “outed” or B) admit that you are humming on whoever mcpcshowcaseHD is’ left nut or at least swinging from their nutsack?

:unamused: Yep…another plug for mcpcshowcase.

Somebody please put and end to this schmuck using FA as a money making stage.

I’ve already admitted that I like posting his videos, I have no shame in that fact. The more it winds the small minority on here up the more I’ll do it. Simples.

Nothing “awesome” about that. These, however:


Or this: - YouTube

Truly awesome videos.

That’s just the thing. There are WAY more videos, that are WAY better than mcpc’s… Why don’t you post those other random vids?

New to the discussion groups so I guess I’m missing something here. What is so “Awesome” and “Wow” and “Unbelievable” about this vid? I don’t get it.


Best endorsement of the day and makes a great point. Welcome to the forums by the way.

Variety is the spice of life aviationlover2000. There are a lot of great videos out there. Might I recommend flightlevel350.com/

You like doing it because you’re in on the scam of him making money from YT for every “hit” on his videos. He was outed here and is gone after it was made very clear that he was a scam and that it wasn’t appreciated here. You’re just as pathetic…

Everyone here deserves to know that you are promoting his money making scam. Then they can decide if they want to help him make money by viewing his unremarkable, unimaginative, video postings.

Jealousy is a really horrible thing you know azav8r. For him to be making money from YouTube he must be doing something right - attracting over 1,000,000 views across his three channels and getting a really positive reaction from his viewers. In fact, this is the only site I’ve really seen any negative backlash and that is simply because he is a YouTube partner.

You know, I just went to your YouTube channel and it’s not nice to insult FA members.

You know, I just went to your YouTube channel and it’s not nice to insult FA members.

I did that to prove that I was the owner of that channel and not mcpcshowcaseHD as some on here claim. You can clearly see from the joining date that the channel was established long before mcpcshowcaseHD even posted a video in this forum. The insult was amusing to me and my mate who think it is most fitting to the person in question :laughing:[/quote]

No, it’s not…

The negative backlash was his own doing.

He wasn’t even man enough to leave his responses when called out on the carpet on spamming a spam free aviation forum for his financial gain and not being honest about it.

Only an ignorant mind as yours would reach such a conclusion. The fact is that you come here and link to a source that is for the purpose of making money…THAT’S SPAMMING!

I don’t begrudge the “YT partner” concept, or any other money making venture. But, to use another independent forum such as FA to funnel viewers is a scam plain and simple.

And while I’m not a big fan of will744, for you to post THIS is just out of line. If you have something to say, say it here. Posting crap like that elsewhere is weak and chicken-sh*t.


Can you post what was said before it mysteriously dissapears?

I can’t get to Youtube until later this afternoon or I would do it myself.