A2 Airliner, carry 300 passengers to Oz in 4.5 hours

A revolutonary future airliner could carry 300 passengers from Britain to Australia in just 4.5 hours, billed as concordes bigger and faster successor, the planes hi-tech liquid hydrogen engines will propel it to 3,400MPH/Mach 5. but its 300 passengers will not be able to see anything as the external heat caused by travelling at mach 5 will cause them to melt. The design came from the British firm Reaction Engines, who have been given funding by the European Space Agency.The aircraft will fly 19 miles above the earth in the middle of the stratosphere heading over the north pole and pacific. Also it will have a tiny carbon footprint as it will produce only water vapour and nitrous oxides as exhaust.
The only windows that can withstand the heat is used on the space shuttle but these will make the plane too heavy to fly, designers are trying to provide screens for poeple to see what is going on outside via cameras.Tickets are estimated to cost 2,000. oh and the length of it is 139M

Some questions though:

  1. if no windows can be used how will the pilots be able to see outside?
  2. also how can a camera be used? wouldn’t that melt too?
  3. if airports such as Heathrow had to make changes to accomodate the A380 which is 73M how are airports going to cope with a plane at a massive size of 139M?
    Also if it isn’t going to have any windows because it is going to be a fully automated plane with no need for pilots then i wouldn’t fly on it anyway. I don’t trust computers THAT much.

I’m guessing that there will be windows, just not one for every passenger. A couple in front for the pilot’s and a couple for camera’s wouldn’t weight a 139M aircraft down to much.

Either way, by the time this idea reaches the commercial market, i’m sure they’ll have discovered new technologies in windows.

and of course, we’re overlooking the fact that this “aircraft” uses engine technology that technically doesn’t exist yet.

Doesn’t the NASA Space Shuttle use Liquid Hydrogen engines?

I believe the airport mods for the 380 were due to width issues (wing overhang on taxiways)? This doesn’t look like that would be a problem.

It would probably block most service paths when its parked at the gate.

Unless it has swing wings or is capable of accelerating really fast, it would probably need at least 15000 ft to take off.

It would be very difficult and dangerous to fuel while at the gate and is obviously incompatible with normal fueling infrastructure.

Due to its length, it might not be able to make turns on existing taxiways.