A well-known, but remote airfield

I took this last summer on approach. Any guesses?


You have most likely heard of this place, perhaps even played around this place, but most likely- you have never been to this place.

It has one runway, about 10,000 feet long. No aircraft are stationed here, but the field is maintained 24/7/365.


Midway Island (or Wake but more than likely Midway)

Wake, the airports on Midway are on two separate islands.

You’re right. I forgot that Midway has less land but twice as many airports as Wake.

Looks like Majuro in the Marshall Is. to me :confused:

Looks nice and exotic, where ever it is!! :slight_smile:

It is Wake Island. Got to spend 4 hours there last summer while returning from a Lifeguard flight to Guam. The history is incredible. The 200 contractors who live there are very excited to see visitors. :slight_smile: