A few newbie questions

Really find this website useful. For years, Intl flights have crossed BARNES vor (overhead) flying high on a heading from Maine/Newfoundland towards KINGSTON vor. Now I can find out what they are. Can’t see much at FL360 or FL400 from the ground even with 12x optics mag. :slight_smile:

Questions… do the icon headings sometimes default to 90, 180, 270, etc? A few do not match the `track line very well. Can live with that. Is there an ability to scale the tracker map? I ask because many individual FLIGHT maps scale to the whole flight end-to-end. If so (or in the future) could filters be placed on the TRACKER? Only traffic for the desired field? Only SWA flights? etc?

Lastly… can more than one TRACKER map be present? Would that tend to overload the system… users with three and four active maps?

Comments to any or all of the questions appreciated. Newbie here.


Have you read the FAQs???

Icon Headings: Should correspond to the actual bearing from the previous 1-minute track location to the current 1-minute track location. Bear in mind that lat/lon is reported to only 2 decimals. Particularly for slower aircraft, the rounding error may cause the aircraft to appear to be heading off-track.

Scaling the map: Each map shows a distance scale on it. The contrast to the map is less than ideal. If by “scale”, you mean “zoom”, it’s in development.

Filters: In development.

More than one track map: You can, of course, open multiple windows in your browser. It should not overload the system (unless, possibly, everyone was doing it).