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A couple of site-related problems. One new, one old

The new problem:

The old problem:

No amount of checking this setting will ‘stick’. When I select notifications for comments, it unchecked itself immediately upon refreshing the page. Reported previously.

I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience. We are actually aware of this issue and our developers are working on a fix. They will need to make some changes to the database as a whole for this fix to take effect so it may take some time. I know that this option can be a very convenient tool so we are hopeful to have it restored as quickly as possible.

In regards to your new problem, do you see this error message every time that you access the discussion boards? I was able to switch over to your username and access the discussion boards without any such errors in both Safari and Google Chrome. You may want to try deleting your cookies or temporary internet files and then accessing the site again. There may be some stale data or browser setting that is not compatible.

I have ‘reset’ Safari several times, and that did not correct the problem. However, a full reboot of the computer seemed to clear this one up. Thank you.