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A c182 flew over Summerlin, what is this?

Nov30 2019: C182?

At 10.35am, a C182 flew over, the Transponder only shows C182, it is a cessna flew over my place (Summerlin, Las Vegas?).

take a look at the scn shot, when I try to search for c182, search results showed up as Cessna flying in Australia?..

what is this? any comments?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. If you’re looking for a particular aircraft, search by tail number. Callsigns like “C182” are not going to be unique to an aircraft at all (and in fact we try to filter out that noise where possible)

Obj, there is no tail no, no callsign, no nothing, except what you see in that scn shot,
I tried other tracker sites, no data at all!?..

That screen shot is from FlightRadar24 and not from Flightaware.

As @obj has said it is not an unique aircraft identifier and Flightaware has no record of it.

Your information came from Flightradar24 so you should be asking them in their forum rather than asking the same question in the Flightaware forum and getting the same answer each time. The answer here will not change no matter how often you ask the same question.


If you’re trying to find a particular aircraft, and you don’t have any data specific to that aircraft to search for, then I think you are doomed to failure. You need a tail number or a specific callsign or something.

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Yes, I will be posting it on Flight Radar!. Thanks

I use three sites to figure out what is flying at a given time: FR24, FltAw and planefinder. Sometime even more than these three but several sites.

Having said that, let me ask you and others:

  1. Is Flight Aware is not a tracking site??
    Sometime I find more relevant info with flight aware than those other sites!!..

Also FlightAware folks must be responsible for your Data!, is that not rightr!.
So, let us look at the details:
On this c182, FR24 did not have any info except live tracking of this c182, while I was watching it fly across my window and then on FR24. But, FR24 has no more info than a cessna flying!?.
Planefinder did not show anything at all…
whereas Flightaware showed c182 as a Australian Cessna Departing and Arriving in Australia, that was the Data displayed in Flight Aware.

In the Real world, c182 was a local craft flying in Australia!.. Not at all flying here in Las Vegas, is that not a outrageous information, don’t you think every one must question why an Australian local cessna is showing up in Las Vegas but it never ever flew in America!?.

what is wrong about this question, why everyone get’s so upset but not pay any attention to something that is “so Odd”, so strange" so Fake Fake???

No, you looked up a Cessna 182 that was flying in Australia in February 2019. Not the one flying past your house in November 2019.

I don’t know, have you asked FR24? I assume they have more info, they’re just not showing you all the data - presumably because you’re not paying them for that data (at least that’s my rough understanding of their business model for GA aircraft - you don’t get to see anything beyond the aircraft type in public data - notably not the callsign?) [edit: or maybe they only do that for aircraft on the FAA blocklist? I’m not sure]

As @LawrenceHill said, the problem is that you’re searching for nonsense data. You have asked FlightAware “What aircraft have you tracked with a callsign of C182?”. This is an unusual and rare callsign - it’s basically garbage, it’s an aircraft type not a real callsign - and I doubt that the aircraft was actually flying with this callsign (see above). So you don’t get a useful answer. You need to ask the right question to get a useful answer, and that requires understanding what these tools that you’re trying to use are actually telling you. Right now, it seems that you don’t have that knowledge.

If you wanted to ask the question “What Cessna 182s are currently in the air?” then FlightAware will answer that for you - see https://flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/C182 - but again it’s probably not the question that you want to ask. (We don’t provide an interface to list historical flights by aircraft type, you’ll need to look at a particular aircraft for history)

Freely available public data is generally best-effort; it is not guaranteed to be complete. You’d need to have a commercial relationship with FlightAware to start talking about SLAs.

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You know Cessna have built more than one C182 right?

Why don’t you host your own receiver site?

it is the FlightAware data that showed, c182 in Australia!..

Right here in Las Vegas sky, most commerical planes show tail no and call sign (90%)…not bad right!, …
but half of helicopters, half of cessnas and other crafts that fly in Vegas sky fly without a tail no, (or without a tail no and without a callsign)!.. sure this might sound strange to you?..

So, how do you get a tail no if there is none shown in any of the three major tracking sites??..

Some times, I personally take pictures of crafts, identify the tail no and then check for more info (this is only a portion of 100s or 1000s of flying garbages that are called aerial crafts in Vegas!)…

…that is Reality as far as Vegas… in case you do not know this fact.

Nah, I asked the right Questions, no one can answer because they are not eyewitness and see actually what is happening in the Lv sky!. As far as knowledge, there is plenty of it, infact overwhelming amount, but I can’t share it with those who have little or limited knowledge of the topic and who is reluctant, not open enough to look into Vegas sky.
Lets see, what FR24 discussion will bring out!!..will be raising these issues there too…!.

One thing is clear, which I already know to some extent, “Paid membership”…!, or own receiver!!.. that many already mentioned…!!..

what is available as a public info is limited for non members!!!.. Not surprised!!

Whatever FlightAware or FR24 or other sites do, I appreciate it…!.

You do know that there were 23,237 c182 aircraft built?

It is hardly surprising that there are a number flying in Australia.
Try looking for Cessna 182’s that are in the Vegas area, maybe this one:

Evidently that’s out of the question and he’d rather continue to troll our forum with nonsense. @obj answered the question as clearly as it can get with respect…