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978 UAT failure (non Piaware image)

Once again I am experimenting and set up my Pi4B but this time as a Pi OS 32 and boot off of a USB flash drive. So far all is good except the 978 UAT side.

  1. How many dongles have you plugged into RPI
  2. If two dongles, did you serialize these?
  3. If two dongles, and serialized, then did you configure dump1090-fa and dump978-fa with their respective serial numbers?
  4. I understand that you are using Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) image downloaded from https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/operating-systems/. Am I right? Is it BUSTER or you are using some old image like Stretch?

I have two dongles plugged in and serialized. 1090 is set for a serial 00001090 and the UAT is set for a serial 00001000. I downloaded the image and mounted it with raspberry pi imager using the first image which is raspberry pi OS (32 bit) recommended. I installed everything as per instructions from the forums.

Now I had set up Piaware and also FR24, also Radarbox and maybe just maybe it has something to do with radarbox 978 UAT decoder? If I can how do I shut down permanently the Radarbox UAT decoder part?

If you have installed both the dump978-fa and dump978-rb, then both will compete for the dongle. The one which grabs it runs, other fails.

Actually you dont need both versions of dump978, only dump978-fa is enough. You can configure rbfeeder to get 978 data from it.

1 - Remove dump978-rb completely by following command
sudo apt-get purge dump978-rb

2 - Modify rbfeeder’s ini file to enable it to pull data from Flightaware’s dump978-fa

2.1 - Open config file for editing
sudo nano /etc/rbfeeder.ini

2.2 - Scroll down till you see this


2.3 - Remove # from line #dump978_enabled=true
2.4 - Add a line dump978_port=30979

After 2.3 & 2.4, it will become like this:


2.5 - Save file (Ctrl+O) and close it (Ctrl+X)

2.6 - REBOOT the RPi

2.7 - After reboot check status
sudo systemctl status dump978-fa



All is now working well, once again thanks to you.

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On this configuration, I had set up Piaware for both 1090 and 978 feeders. Then added FR24, then Radarbox (MLAT and 978 ) then Plane Plotter PPUP (Since I have PlanePlotter) MM2 with the extras that you helped me @abcd567 get the DB files to work correctly. Also, I have just added VRS Pi install and sharing the same db. from MM2. Kind of stress testing my Pi4B.

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