7X grounded

EASA and Dassalt just issued an emergency AD
Grounding the 7X following a pitch trim runaway.
The crew did get things under control and made an uneventful landing.
The FAA Is expected to issue an order as well.

John in Saudi

flightaware.com/squawks/view/1/ … n_7X_fleet

Seems it was a Swiss registered 7X landing at Supang - rumour control is aircraft was descending - when the runaway trim problems caused the aircraft to climb 12,000 feet??

Aircraft declared an emergency.

Press quotes Dassault asking for the grounding by German based EASA - but I’ll assume there is far more to that??

There have been a couple of Citation runway trim accidents, and a couple more suspected - last confirmed one was N550BP the Marlin Air Medevac that crashed into Lake Michigan in June 2007.

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This reminds me of a pitch trim runaway that killed several. Ashland Oil and refining Co. Operated 2 Identical super nice executive Lockheed loadstars in the late 50’s or early 60’s. N1000w and N1000F.
Pitch trim down and an outside loop took the wings and all aboard! I remember them all well.

rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guida … rgency.pdf

FAA bans all flights of 7X aircraft.

Posters on pprune have stated a couple of Bermudan registered 7X’s were flying in Europe yesterday hmmm???