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7T-VPP hasn't moved in 3 months

7T-VPP, an A345 has not moved in 3 months…belongs to GLAM, why isn’t it moving anymore?

This is just a guess, but perhaps it has to do with civil unrest in Algeria with protests in regard to the military’s involvement in politics. 7T-VPP is a military aircraft. Go to news.google.com and search for Algeria military.

Actually, 7T-VPP is shown to have flown today for 4 hours 50 minutes between Algiers and Chlef.

That was on 22 July, not today.

BTW, I think that 7T-VPP is the official aircraft of the President of Algeria. Originally for former President Bouteflika, from memory it was used by him only once to travel between Algeria and Toronto, Canada, and he got sick few years later.

Bouteflika has been on other long-haul flights, but he chartered Air Algerie A330s instead of the 345. Can you tell me why?

You need to ensure you are logged in and have “show position-only flights” enabled; there are 4 public position-only flights for this tail after July 22.

The upper right side of the referenced page shows this:

First seen near Algiers, Algeria, Tuesday, 15 October 2019 at 10:15 AM CET
Last seen near Chlef, Algeria, Tuesday, 15 October 2019 at 3:05 PM CET
4 hours 50 minutes total travel time
Distance 629 nm
This flight is restricted from public view
Tracking data for this position-only flight is incomplete and potentially inaccurate

The track starts in an easterly direction from Algiers, then turns southeast, then SSW over what appears to be desert, then NNE, and finally NE to Chlef - in effect somewhat of a loop, avoiding the more direct coastline route.

Anyway, that’s the source of my earlier reply regarding the supposed date of the last flight.
If I am in error, I apologize.