787 The Right or Wrong choice for Boeing?


Many discussions are whether or not Boeing made the right choice. How about you do you believe they made the right choice in deciding to make The 787?


Right choice, poor execution on the production side of the business.


I think it’s good choice. The concept must be great or else I don’t think so many would have been ordered before the aircraft first took flight.

I do think Boeing underestimated the technical difficulties they would run into.


I reckon this to be akin to the rumours ragarding the first 2 albums that came out after the David Lee Roth/Van Halen “less than amicable” split.

Van Halen came out with 5150 (first album with Sammy Hagar). While it had some great songs on it, it rather tanked, since either biggest success was with Roth. Roth then made an album called “Eat 'em and Smile”, which was a shot a them.

Roth’s album didn’t do as well either, which VH put out their album, “OU812” (oh, you ate one too), sending a shot back at the Roth camp.

In this case, substitute Boeing for Roth, and Airbus for Van Halen, with “Eat 'em and Smile” being the B787, the A380 being 5150, and OU812 being Airbus’ response to Boeing’s B787 production issues.



I would have to say that Boeing was right in making the 787, but just did a poor job in running the plans.


I think modern Boeing and 787 situation is similar to Microsoft last decade. After Windows took off faster than revolution in the Middle East, Microsoft got to sit on enormous profits with no real incentive to upgrade anything or release anything new. As sales stagnated, Microsoft was put under serious pressure for the Vista release, which was plagued with problems and far behind schedule. The 787 has essentially followed this path, albeit being much more costly for Boeing.

Long and short of it: I think once the project actually gets off the ground ( :laughing: ) when it enters into service (whenever it will actually be: this year, next year, who knows) it will be good for Boeing.