787 Orders


Does anyone know a link to see the list of airlines that ordered 787’s? If so, does anyone think any airlines who ordered the shouldn’t have, and vice versa?–for whatever reasons-- short on money, or just didn’t need any.


Go to www.boeing.com


There are already 787 topics on this forum.


I didn’t know.–In case you didn’t notice, I’m new.




The search feature is helpful. It’s located at the top of each forum page.
Entering 787 in the search box, I found the following:
discussions.flightaware.com/view … hlight=787
discussions.flightaware.com/view … hlight=787

Just remember: if you can’t find what you are looking for, start getting creative in your terms. Example: If you are looking for threads on the Antonov 124 and can’t find it using those two terms, try something like AN124.


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I don’t know the terms Boeing uses on these orders but I suppose it’s possible anyone can cancel their order for a variety of reasons. There is probably a non-refundable fee to secure an order. There is also probably a pre build payment due and then the balance on delivery. In business, there is no deal until the cash is in the bank. In this case, production is sold out until 2015 so a cancellation will not kill Boeing and somebody else will likely snatch up that order instantly. Also, the airline industry and US/World economy are pretty strong so no big worries there. All subject to change.