787 grounded in Rapid City




This is what someone else posted in a previous topic.



There’s worse places to be grounded.
I can’t think of any offhand, but I’m sure they exist. :confused:


San Luis Obispo :smiley:


lol, yeah but I have a warm bed waiting for me there.

As far as I know.


As a former resident of Rapid City (former not by choice, I would like to return there someday), I can certainly think of a lot worse places to be…like maybe Newark, New York, Boston, LA, San Fran or just about anywhere for that matter. Rapid City is a great place. Ever been to Mt Rushmore?


Doesn’t look like the 787 is moving to “Rapid” in that city?



Laredo, Texas :laughing: well at least you can go across the border and see the DonkeyLady :open_mouth:


Fargo, ND. Nothing but flat emptyness for miles around. At least in Rapid City you have the badlands nearby.


I went to the matinee once, but the donkey had a headache and couldn’t make it.


But then you have the stigma of the worst US-based ICAO code in the country. :laughing:

Honestly… what were the FAA and ICAO thinking for coming up with that LID?