787 Dreamliner A/T question


Does anyone know if the autothrottle system on the 787 will be the same as the 777? also as on the 777 for a manual landing the a/t have to remain engaged will THAT be a requirement on the 787?


ok i take it no one knows :frowning: , thanks to the people who viewed the message anyway (im not being sarcrastic honest!)


How about 117 or so " NO’s ! " :wink:


I don’t have a 787 systems handbook. I wish I did though.


you might want to try Boeing’s website.


Wonder when they will print the “787 For Dummies” book!! :laughing: :laughing:


They already have a website. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


planeaholic your link leads to the airliners.net website? i don’t get it,

Though i have heard that the A/T maybe allowed to be disengaged if pilots wished to do so, a bit like Airbus, as Airbus advise pilots to keep A/T engaged but sometimes the pilots disengage the
A/T to keep practice upto date which is why i don’t understand with the 777, what if the A/T systems fails and pilots haven’t had the practice for however long they have flown the 777 for, its a bit wierd i think


I got it - airliners.net forum has a reputation for having dummies in it, hence, “787 for dummies.”


Yes, that’s what I meant. A.net has some cool pics and some interesting discussions…and a lot of armchair quarterbacks who think they’re the world’s top airline analysts. There are twice as many rumors as facts in the Civil Aviation forum, so take any info. with a huge block of salt.


Block, hell!! Try an entire mine of salt.



The ocean, while we’re at it?