757 evergency landing in florida


5 minutes out from airport and emergency vehicles in place.


What is wrong?


What airport and airline? Do you know the flight number?


Same thing I was wondering…


A 757 cargo jet coming out of Santo Domingo is preparing to make an emergency landing in Miami, Florida.

The plane, coming from South America, is set to make an emergency landing in Miami, Florida, and reports suggest one of the engines is not operating.

Two people are onboard the flight, likely the pilot and co-pilot, and emergency crews are on scene at the airport, awaiting the jet’s arrival.



LINK TO STORY (that actually works)

Two people are onboard the flight, likely the pilot and co-pilot…

Who else would they be? Dispatcher and flight attendant?


Why did you put a link to the same story I put?


Because you didn’t.

Well, that and as it is updated, it is easier to go back to the link rather than wait for someone to post the same article over and over and over.


Because you originally posted a link to the story that didn’t work. After I posted my link, you edited your post by pasting the story to it. :wink:

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sorry for not giving more details, corretion, any details, in the future i will.


My guess is it’s this flight:
flightaware.com/live/flight/APW5 … /MDSD/KMIA

From the Dominican Republic, not South America.


It could be a number of different ones. You’re sure it was a 757? Obviously, you aren’t going to be seeing circles in the flight path with something like this, so it’s harder to find out which flight.


Why are you not in school?

Because I don’t go to school.


thats his question, why dont you go to school?


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The article said 757. That was the only 757 landing about that time from anyplace called Santo Domingo. Plus it was a cargo airline.

I’m not saying it’s for sure… but I’d bet a pile of cash.


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