747SP - San Antonio to Bournemouth

This aircraft is en route now.

Does anyone ACARS or other data to determine reg. number?

flightaware.com/live/flight/WWI1 … /KSAT/EGHH

Aircraft was VP-BAT. Was in SAT for modifications.


My last trip home on BA I sat across from one of the pilots. They don’t fly much, based in the Middle East. :open_mouth:

John in Saudi

It’s the Qatar royal family aircraft. The crew are Brits and the aircraft usually stays at Bournemouth when not in use. The aircraft spent a lot of time at KPHX this spring. A local aircraft cleaner made a good chunk of change applying a paint protectant to the aircraft. And while the Prince stayed in the area a local charter co. was paid to have three Beechjets at his disposal for a month, to be-bop to places around the southwest.

Thanks for the information. I’m glad to know it was ‘BAT’.

Back in the late 90’s it was parked at Love Field for quite a while, and I got a shot of it then: