747 water bomber


what ever happend to the 747 water bomber with all he fires out there why is this not been used.


It must not be configured for firefighting yet. These fires are very early in the season.

During the US wildfire off-season, the multi-purpose Supertanker is operating as a cargo freighter for Evergreen International Airlines. The aircraft fluid tanks and dispensing system will soon be re-installed in the Supertanker to have it ready to support wildfire containment efforts in the United States this summer. We look forward to having the B747 Supertanker provide safe and effective wildfire suppression in 2007.



This would be something AWESOME to see! I’m sure it’ll be highly effective. Still, is it just me, or does this photo look fake…?



No, no; I have a friend of a friend, who’s hair dressers mother works with a guy who’s uncle owns a deli on 45th of 5th - near (David Letterman). I guess they did that last week sometime. Like for real. The picture was taken from the MetLife blimp. You know, the one that was at KTEB for years. I you look close you can see the camera on the base of the verticle fin :unamused:


I love blimps.

Man can I waste the lives of countless bytes or what??

TRIVA: Who’s blimb was this before it was Metlife’s?


Fuji Film?


We have a winner. Of what? I haven’t a clue

Wait no that’s not right. My bad, that’s embarrassing.


Actually, if you go check out MetLife’s website, MetLife does not own any blimps. They are owned by a specialized company called American Blimps who operate under the name Lightships. They offer Blimp promotional services.

Check’em out! lightships.com

By the way, I saw the MetLife blimp (The one nicknamed “Snoopy One”) at KHWO out in March. I think they were more or less based there since the Super Bowl.


Technically I never said who “owned it before MetLife did”; but I digress, you are correct.

Still the question remains, who or what did Snoopy One advertise before it was Met Life??