747 runs off runway.


Tradewinds Airlines Boeing 747-200 freighter running off the runway during an aborted takeoff. June 7th. I think it in Medellin, Colombia.

Watch here.


That’ll leave a mark…


My guess would be it’s a write-off after seeing the photos here: pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?p=2641168


I was wrong…it left MANY marks…


Medellin, eh? Guess the price of coke will be up for a couple weeks till the supply chain gets caught up… :smiling_imp:


And they still haven’t reported this to the FAA as required for a US-registered airplane. Naughty.


This site says the data is normally posted a day or two after the incident. This only happened a couple of days ago. Check the site tomorrow to see if it appears. If it doesn’t, then you can call them naughty.



Also, until that happens, stand there and give them a stern look…


June 7th is over a week ago. And no, it’s still not there: faa.gov/data_statistics/acci … nary_data/


I am surprised that the smart a$$es of this board missed this one…

747 Runs off Runway…

That must be one mean 747…Next thing you know, you will see signs on airports that say “Beware of 747”


I didn’t realize it happend on the 7th - thought it was later.
In any case, you may now call them naughty.

On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t. I just looked through the data for the last 10 days. I only found data for domestic flights. There was one flight from London, UK, mentioned but looking at the context it appears the incident happened in domestic air space.


You may be right, I’m not sure this accident met any of the required criteria; viz:*

7-6-2. Aircraft Accident and Incident Reporting

a. Occurrences Requiring Notification. The operator of an aircraft shall immediately, and by the most expeditious means available, notify the nearest National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Field Office when:

  1. An aircraft accident or any of the following listed incidents occur:

(a) Flight control system malfunction or failure.

(b) Inability of any required flight crew member to perform their normal flight duties as a result of injury or illness.

© Failure of structural components of a turbine engine excluding compressor and turbine blades and vanes.

(d) Inflight fire.

(e) Aircraft collide in flight.

(f) Damage to property, other than the aircraft, estimated to exceed $25,000 for repair (including materials and labor) or fair market value in the event of total loss, whichever is less.

(g) For large multi-engine aircraft (more than 12,500 pounds maximum certificated takeoff weight):

(1) Inflight failure of electrical systems which requires the sustained use of an emergency bus powered by a back-up source such as a battery, auxiliary power unit, or air-driven generator to retain flight control or essential instruments;

(2) Inflight failure of hydraulic systems that results in sustained reliance on the sole remaining hydraulic or mechanical system for movement of flight control surfaces;

(3) Sustained loss of the power or thrust produced by two or more engines; and

(4) An evacuation of aircraft in which an emergency egress system is utilized.*


You don’t make it easy to check up on your data! I finally found it at faa.gov/ATpubs/AIM/Chap7/aim0706.html

Sounds like to me that this should have been reported already. It may just be that the list in the
Preliminary Accident and Incident Reports
site doesn’t include accidents on foreign soil.

(Please try to give the url of the exact site (e.g.
Preliminary Accident and Incident Reports) rather than the home page (e.g. FAA home page). You gave www.faa.gov, thus causing readers of your post to guess at which page you were referring to.)


What’s to check ? I quoted the reg. verbatim :unamused:

If I may quote Bill The Cat - Ack thppfffft !


Why give the the URL?
-To allow people to check the quote in context.
-To give, because you didn’t, the name of the publication.
-To verify that you didn’t go on a drunk binge and make it up.


We like to save the drunk binges for dami…

OK, so I am bored OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND!!!

I think my watch is broken…


See the first line of your reply. It will fix the next two lines.
In other words, have a binge!



Now who would go and post false, inaccurate or misleading information on the Internet? Dami… I think you’re just making that up! Have you been binging?



I live in California and suspect everything. For all I know, he’s part of the New World Order and wants to lull us into a false sense of security. Additionally, how do I know he’s not one of the reptilian people?


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