747 in SAN?


My 7 year old son is infatuated with 747s. We live in San Diego and I don’t remember ever seeing one at the airport here, and I though I read the runway is too short.

Does anyone know if 747s fly out of SAN these days? If not I assume the closest would be LAX?



A 747 can fly out of San but it would probably be weight restricted. Yes the closest place with regular 747 service is lax.


sandiegoboatmovers.com/moves … as_cup.htm


Some photos of B747s at KSAN on Airliners.net



Air Force One landed there in November for that basketball game on the aircraft carrier. Too bad he missed that one.


The problem for any airline to fly 747’s out of SAN is that a 747 has more than 300-400 seats. That is a lot of passengers to sell. There is not enough passengers needed to fill a 747 to fly out of SAN profitably.

So the reason really is not operational, but economical.


The San Diego/Carlsbad/San Marcos area as of the 2010 census had a population of 3.1 million. Tijuana across the border has 1.3 million. That’s 4.4 million.

Tijuana has a lot of manufactures. San Diego is a major tourist destination.

I think the reason for the lack of 747 service at SAN is because more airlines are using twin engine aircraft. The 777 holds nearly as much as a 747. British’s 747 hold just over 300 while its 777-200 holds just under 300.