737-8 MAX aircraft type code B38M not displaying

Southwest is taking delivery of their first 737-8 MAX today.


Flightaware is showing the type as B738. The correct aircraft type code for the 737-8 MAX is B38M

And Norwegian’s are showing up as 7M8


A problem I’m having is the inconsistency of the type on FA. I’ve been following a particular SWA registered aircraft (its N-number) on FA for 2 days now and some flights it’s correctly listed as B38M and others as B738 so it’s a PITA when you have a sort by aircraft type live map set to B38M and not every SWA 737 MAX 8 shows on the map for finding the rest of SWA’s fleet of B38M’s and looking for overflight or local airport opportunities.

It has always been my understanding the inconsistency isn’t happening due to FA, it’s what the airline is entering.

Whether anyone responds with additional information is left up to this whizz bang new discussion board that EVERYONE is participating in…

Scheduled flights show the aircraft type code as filed by the airline with their schedule.

Shortly before departure we receive flight plans for aircraft flying in our primary coverage area. En route or arrived aircraft will show the type code as filed on the flight plan (in areas of the world where FlightAware receives flight plan data).

This can result in inconsistency of the type codes.