I know the FAA certified 2 engine planes for overseas flights 777,767,757 airbus, but when didi the 737 get approval? i thought it was an older aircraft or are they building newer models???


All versions of the 737 can be ETOPS (extended-range twin-engine operations) certified.

ETOPS doesn’t apply strictly to extended overwater flying. It applies to any route where there isn’t an alternate airport available. An example would be flying over some parts of Asia where suitable airports are far and few in between.

A fun fact: It is possible to fly around the world using only 737s in scheduled services. Not bad for an aircraft that started out as a short to medium haul aircraft.

FAA Extends Boeing Next-Generation 737 ETOPS From 120 To 180 Minutes


This should help:

discussions.flightaware.com//vie … lantic+737


TY I guess the thing that thru me off was it was A United flt out of ord UAL895 It just didn’t look right. can they put enough butts in the seat to make it cost effective???


They can’t and they don’t fly it to Hong Kong from Chicago with a 737.

UAL895, Chicago to Hong Kong, is operated by a 747-400. The flight operates Atlanta - Chicago - Hong Kong. The ATL-ORD segment is operated by a 737. The ORD-HKG segment is operated by a 747. Whoever entered the flight plan didn’t change the aircraft type for the overseas segment.


That would likely explain the 737-400 I saw yesterday going trans-atlantic