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64 API request to achieve 1 goal


In order to display airport boards (Scheduled, Arrived, Departed, Enroute) then i have to make 64 API calls (minimum) to display results including delays, however, the only needed field to calculate delays is filed_ete which is not available in all returned results of methods above so I have to call flightInfoEx foreach.

Am i right? or there is another technique to achieve this?

If you only require the filed_ete from FlightInfoEx, then you should be able to efficiently cache the response of that for each unique flight since the filed_ete does not change once the flight plan has been entered into our system. This will allow you to minimize the subsequent calls made if your application intends to refresh the other data from Scheduled, Arrived, Departed, Enroute.

We have improvements coming later this year in the next version of FlightXML that should minimize the number of additional requests that need to be made for many types of operations.