4T2 or 4TA2?


Aircraft are shown as arriving and departing from 4T2. Clicking on the 4T2 link will not work. When searching for the airport, 4TA2 works. Please review. Thanks!


Please, please, please! When asking something like this, please provide hard data such as registration numbers.


today saw 3 aircraft arrive and one of them leave. latest was N1GM which shows up as arriving under tail number but not at airport report as far as I can see. I expect more activity in next 12 hours. Does this show to another airport since 4T2 / 4TA2 is private field?


Was that English?


4TA2 shows up: flightaware.com/live/airport/4TA2

It all has to do with the database that FlightAware uses. Because airports such as 4TA2 are not widely used, they have a lower priority than others to enter into the database.

By the way, did you know that 4TA2 is used by Kenneth Copeland Ministries? I wonder if any other ministries use their donors’ money to buy an airport?



An airport is a little odd.

But from first person experience. I used to fly a Citation II for a preacher in Columbus. While on the surface it appears that it is greedy and wasteful, but you need to dig deeper. This pastor had speaking engagements all over the country, of course he was paid for it. But he would be the first to tell you that his job is to shepherd his flock, in order to meet all those engagements the airline travel would be a nightmare. With is own plane he could leave in the morning and be back that night. The whole time on the plane he could work, if he wanted he would bring his family. The aircraft did belong to the church, and was often used by the church and made available to church members; but was used mostly by the pastor.

I can see where Copeland’s many a/c seems a little excessive. I think it is too, but being a pastor is a job, and he should be paid for it. How much should he be paid? I don’t know. Enough to buy 5 or 6 planes does seem like a bit to much, but hey he was a pilot before he was a minister.

I never thought that he was using the a/c in a wasteful manner. I never felt that members of his church were having the wool pulled over there eyes either. I also never heard any of them complain. I had heard them talk about how he would be gone for days at a time and that his place was at the church.

It’s a tough call, no doubt about it. I guess when your in the publics’ eye you can’t win. There is no doubt that there are and have been televangelists that did fleece people and they gave everyone else a bad name.


My wife and I have invested in the lastest addition to the KCM fleet. I do not feel that this is excessive. As I look into the hanger I see 3 collector fighters, the Citation X and another jet that may belong to another ministry that appears to be having some work done on it. There are also 5 other planes tied down and one just landed. Other ministries do use the airport and ---- all of KCM is debt free. Off the subject a little, but since I had a “fatal” head injury and was to die between Thanksgiving and Christmas 1994 — and since I am alive because of KCM teachings — my family thinks whatever KCM gets or owns is worth it. (Diagnosis prognosis and documentation by Dr. J. Vernon Neppe, Seattle).


What is the purpose of the “collector fighters”?


I have no problem with a preacher - even a televangelist - using aircraft to get to his gigs. I do have a problem with Copeland if the fighters were bought with ministry funds. I also think that if a preacher does use a private aircraft then his ministry supporters need to be informed of and the preacher held accountable for the use of the aircraft.


Agree 100%.


Those fighters were paid for with private funds – and private gifts some as rebuildables. Kenneth would rather fly than preach, he was a pilot long before he met Jesus, but if you ever need to fly into 4TA2 you will be welcomed even if you are not one of KCM’s partners. And just for information on his integrity, the Citation X was paid for from designated fund and from other private royalty funds not from general “ministry” funds. That means every penny for this aircraft. We knew what we were donating to and why. (We also have donated to the general ministry fund.)

'Nuf said! But is this discussion on the forum topic?


quoting from and answering previous post - sorry I have not used this type of forum format before:

“By the way, did you know that 4TA2 is used by Kenneth Copeland Ministries? I wonder if any other ministries use their donors’ money to buy an airport?”

The airport came with the rest of the property, it was not the purchase ---- but was a factor in the purchase, as were the well and the water tower. The story of the purchase, or really the terms of the sale, is a full story that I do not have the time to get into.


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