4 Feared Dead in Bahamas Crash

foxnews.com/story/0,2933,583 … latestnews

Not much detail here. Apparently the piper took off from the Bahamas, en route to FXE when it disappeared. Sad…

FXE having a bad run of luck lately huh?

One found Dead

Hey J - is FXE really a “drug smuggling hub” as posted in the comments in that article?

In the early 80s OPF used to be…along with HWO. FXE has customs along with FLL. I think things have changed. They got smart…hehehehe.
And there was always… OPF west…but I think they closed that little strip down…

I know “a guy” that used to land on 95 in the middle of the night while they were still building it and it wasn’t open all the way through yet. He would drop his “cargo” and disappear into the night. His grandchildren are all set for college, and well on their way to retiremnet. It takes all kinds. :unamused:

If FXE is a drug smugglers spot I’d never know- I just do my job and get away from the airport as fast as I can.

Sounds like smuggler talk to me!


If you’re dieing We’re flying- that’s all Ive got to say about that… HAHA :open_mouth: