4,5,6 identical enroute flights


Good saturday everbody.
I experience an issue with “Enroute” queries.
On several routes, more than one identical enroute flights are displayed.
For example HAAB/HKJK this morning :

ETH302 displayed 11 times( ! )
ETH308 : 8 times
ETH304 : 6 times
Apart from the fact that it is difficult to deal with this kind of data, it also means that, to have a significant number of different flights, we need to get 2 Enroute queries with 2 different offsets values.

Thanks for your help.


Those flight idents operate on the same flight on a daily or semi-daily basis. That page (and the corresponding FlightXML call) are showing past flights that have occurred multiple days ago. Your application needs to be prepared to consider the filed_departuretime of flights to recognize which date is relevant. If your application only cares about today’s flights, then you may not need to make a second request to Enroute if all of the flights you need are returned by the first call.


Thanks for your answer. Yes of course, I can sort the results depending of which departure date is relevant. But for my example (HKJK en route flights) 2/3 of results are irrelevant because departed several days ago. Is there any way to avoid this kind of result in my api calls because if I need to call 3 offsets to have 15 real en route flights… it triples the cost.


We believe we might have identified a backend problem that is causing those flights to be reported as not having operated even though we had received indication that they had. There may be a fix coming in a few days, after more research is done on our side. (ticket FT-3370)


I have the same problem with Enroute flights to EGKK. When set to offset 0 the list of flights obtained is from several days ago, making me repeat the query with an offset value which is increasing my costs. It would be great if you could allow filtering the Enroute query by a starting estimated arrival date.