3D Map

I’ve got OL3-Cesium working to a degree. Aircraft are displayed within the 3D globe (Cesium) with minimal changes. Altitude reported as “ground” is problematic as marker conversion to billboard requires a scalar. Working on billboard orientation.


Got the selected aircraft track to render in 3D


Added a button (top left) to enable toggling between 2D and 3D map projections (OpenLayer 3 and Cesium). Now back to setting the aircraft icon orientation and heading.


Got the ‘home’ marker clamped to the ground.


looking good.

Getting the aircraft marker to orient to its heading is a little more challenging than I would have thought. Appears an OpenLayers Point is translated to a Cesium Billboard. Billboard has an alignment axis and a rotation. This isn’t really helpful. Maybe applying a transform would help. Any Cesium developers out there?